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Helping put the Elegance into Concours d’Elegance

The AXA Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance is delighted to announce a wonderful new partnership with leading couture label Aneka Manners Australia. Creative brain-child of Aneka Manners, Aneka Manners Australia will be helping the Sydney Harbour Concours maintain its elegance and style for the duration of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading concours event to be held on 4th – 6th March 2021.

Ambassadors and models will be wearing Aneka Manners at the Garden Party Concours events at Swifts in Darling Point, where an Aneka Manners Salon will also be featured. Aneka Manners Style Suites will also be in evidence at the modish parties and soirées accompanying the gathering of some of the world’s finest motor vehicles which already includes two amazing pre-war Delage, a Bugatti Veyron and an incredible selection of Jaguar E-Types brought together to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic car, described by Enzo Ferrari, as, “the most beautiful car in the world”.

James Nicholls, Founder and Curator of the AXA Sydney Harbour Concours said, “Bringing haute couture and haute automobilisme together will ensure that the Sydney Harbour Concours continues to be one of the most elegant of concours events on the world stage. I am delighted to welcome Aneka Manners as a partner. I am incredibly excited to see Aneka’s new designs, concepts inspired by her involvement with the event and the art and design of the motor car – an amazing collection of which will once again be displayed in the glorious gardens of the castellated Gothic Revival mansion, Swifts, described by the Australian Heritage Council as, ‘the grandest house remaining in Sydney’.”

Aneka Manners is a visual artist, textile and fashion designer, photographer and couturier currently using fashion in her exploration of the sublime and the beautiful. Inspired by a myriad of sources across literature, music, science, maths, travel, food and the natural world, Aneka uses an acute awareness of environment to inform her fashion design and artworks ; works which are designed to evoke a sense of mood and atmosphere through which the viewer, and she, can re-experience the world. Aneka took a while to understand that making eveningwear for dolls out of cigarette foil early in life was a sign that she should follow that creative star. She spent her youth experiencing various artistic disciplines whilst pursuing and loving her other equal and opposite side of the brain in maths and finance. Today, Aneka has been educated in Fine Art, Fashion Design and Commerce in Australia, studied leadership at Harvard, exhibited photographic works in Italy and Australia, and won a loyal fashion clientele across Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London with her exclusive prints and elegant design aesthetic.

Aneka Manners’ said, “Binary is out, multi-disciplinary is in and we can be as many-faceted as we like. The Renaissance men and women had it right, do it all. To me maths is music, science is life, and truth is beauty regardless of which side of the brain it comes from. I am therefore incredibly excited about my involvement with this amazing concours event and where my involvement with it and these astounding motor vehicles will lead me.”