Ampol - Australians Own

Ampol and the Sydney Harbour Concours: In the world of automotive excellence, where classic cars and luxury vehicles take center stage, two names have come together in support of vehicles from the past, present and future. These two iconic entities, each with a love of Australian heritage, have come together to celebrate a shared passion for the finest in engineering and design.

Ampol’s Storied Legacy

Ampol, originally known as the Australian Motorists Petrol Company, has a history as rich and enduring as the classic cars that grace the Sydney Harbour Concours. Founded in 1936, this Australian petroleum and energy company quickly established itself as a trusted name in the fuel industry, something that has remained unchanged for nearly a century.

 Ampol and the Sydney Harbour Concours will continue to appreciate the history in their respective domains, they come together to celebrate the enduring excellence of the automotive world. With a shared commitment to quality, a passion for classic cars of the past, supercars of the present, the electric cars of the future, how they are fuelled and how they fit into the Australian way of life.